Monday, December 20, 2010

A Special Find....He Made Me Go Back For

   I have a thing about vintage sewing machines...a sickness, really. While antique shopping with my farmboy we spotted a precious little portable for fifty dollars (that can't be right). Pondering, trying to envision where it would sit in my house, did I really need it...we moved on because it was early in our trip and I didn't want to carry it around (or leave it in my vehicle)..not to mention..that price just couldn't be right.
   Ending our day at the soda shop, my farmboy brought up the sewing machine. Fretting over the fact I have many others and had seen many others priced much higher..I hadn't planned to go back because I was convinced it was mispriced. Unrelenting, he talked me into it. He reasoned that if we could find a parking place right in front of the shop, one that is easy to get in and out of (I despise parallel parking), and it was still there..then I had to ask about the price. Hard to argue with such logical reasoning.
   We found parking- right at the front door- easily accessible. He lead me right to it, picked it up, and carried it to the front for me..reminding me that if I didn't ask I would regret it forever. The shop owner recognized the machine and said she was sure it came with a carrying case. The decision was made to call the owner of the machine to verify the price and if there was a case.
   It seems a dear older woman was the owner of this sweet little machine and its travel case. She had it in the shop for a very long time and simply felt like it was time for the little machine to find a good home and move on. Asking for information about us, she said we were the first people to even question the price and that we were more than welcome to purchase it. We did!

    Upon returning home, we discovered it to be a Singer Featherweight dating before 1900. In mint condition, the farmboy put everything together and discovered----it runs perfectly! Beautiful straight and even!
   In addition to the machine, the black travel case is in excellent condition (only missing a part of one clasp). The top tray contains bobbins, needles, and several other interesting old sewing notions. We could not believe the amazing find...remarkable.
   Yes, I listened to his great reasoning....and it lead to a surprising discovery and purchase. As of right now, my farmboy is oiling, cleaning, and conditioning the machine and the case. He has also taken on teaching me how to thread and run the precious little machine.  With his grand success getting this in order, he has decided to tackle my treadles and get them up and sewing...I can live with that.
   You realize, of course, there will be no living this down!

simplychele and the farmboy
happy stitcher


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Wow, that is a fantastic find! I have a similar machine that was my great grasndmother's. What a blessing to have found it...because really, a girl can never have enough sewing machines!! :)

simplychele said...

You are absolutely right! What a treasure to have inhereted one from a family member..they are much more precious.