Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughtful Tursday...Ponderings of an Accidental Pastor's Wife

Being the Hands and Feet of Christ

An ordinary day filled with the business of life; another class, another job, another moment in an ordinary day. Stepping from the truck, something is out of place- different. Entering the home- it is disrupted, someone is there. A stressful cloud of emotions are swirling around; tension is rising. Wherein does her commitment lie? A message is sent, "Pray, Mom, pray for them."
My hands fall still from the quilting in my lap. I fold them, bowing my head in humble submission. My heart cries out in intercession for a family, for broken hearts, for the little ones, for my girl. Words of His wisdom come to my heart- I send them to her: "Be the hands and feet of Christ."
Yes, that is it. Little ones are ushered up the stairs. Keeping their routine as best she can, their tummies are filled, stories are read, time is spent in play. She is concerned for their safety, their security, their emotions. She prays for quick and peaceful resolve. 
Quiet comes to the home. Again, a message is sent, "Mom, what do I do?" My answer returns, "Be the hands and feet of Christ."
Little ones are bathed; held close and comforted until they drift off to sleep. She tiptoes downstairs. Calmly sitting, she offers her presence to a woman much older than she is. Sweetly she listens to the broken heart of a mother. Compassionate quietness; a peaceful presence is shared. She tidies the home before heading off to her own.
We never know what may come in to a day; disruptions are part of life. Our family has experienced our share of disruption over the years. I have learned- our concern is not for the disruption, it is for the strength to handle them. In every situation we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. No task is beneath Him, no tear is without value to Him. 
My heart was greatly touched when simplynic shared the events of this night with me. God gave me a glimpse into the heart of my girl..a peek into her character; a revelation of His presence in her. I needed this and so did she. 
Stop and ask yourself today, "What can I do?" The answer is, "Be the hands and feet of Christ."


joy comes in the morning
a loving caregiver, listener, and friend
to a family outside of her own

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