Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Week of Finals- The Semester's End

     Gathered around the table; laptops and notebooks, sticky notes and highlighters. Teens are studying for finals. As duel credit students the girls are taking finals right along with the rest of our local college youth. Working together, the farmboy and I take turns running through terms and definitions, maps and coordinates, types of speech and essay structure. When it all gets too intense and serious, brothers can be such a wonderful comic relief!
   With all serious study sessions comes serious study foods. The farmboy whipped up some fresh fruit and taquitoes for our afternoon cram-session. Filled with shredded chicken and beef, his taquitoes are gently toasted in a warm cast iron skillet with just a hint of oil. Fresh salsa and queso are set out for dipping. Tasty home made carmel sauce with sliced fruit feeds the sweet tooth. The colder evenings lend themselves to popcorn and hot chocolate as study-break snacks. When he is not pestering them, that brother can be quite useful.
   Morning comes with hustle and bustle; we're out the door with jackets and jitters. We send them off with prayers and encouragement; they have prepared well, they can do this. After today, their college semester ends...but not their home studies. It will be another week before our homeschool breaks for the holidays. Even with that in mind, we will still celebrate the semester's end!



Rachel Willow'z Design said...

My sons school changed around finals schedule because of an anticipated ice storm in which we ended up getting last night, so they made them take everything yesterday. Monday there was no school do to snow and Tuesday they where on a 2 hour delay which meant 20 minute classes so Wednesday he had to take 4 tests. The stress level was through the roof Tuesday night. School is closed today and chances are they will be closed tomorrow as well so I am off to do some much needed wrapping and baking.

simplychele said...

What a crazy mess! What a blessing it will be when it all settles down. There are no ice storms here, but when I was little our Kansas farms faced ice storms and I recall being snowed in. While it isn't really fun, it does give us time to do things we otherwise might not get to.