Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blooming In Spite of it All

a winter rose bloom

   I had a mild migraine today. In the midst of it I decided to stroll around the farm, breath in the moist air, and look for something to lighten my heart. Found it. A beautiful sun blush rose blossom- blooming in spite of it all.

In spite of:
* my icky migraine
* tough teen teaching
* the back to school crazy
* ucky weather dull and dreary
* difficult decisions lurking all around
* the fact that roses generally bloom in summer

   It puzzled me. Can we bloom in spite of it all? The past few weeks have brought some difficult, even distressing, situations to my door. Situations that needed compassion, carefully thought out words, and some needed tough love and guidance. Can they bloom?

In spite of:
* choices that broke family relationships
* impurity either by choice or by force
* dangerous cyber relationships
* tough lessons learned the hard way

  Yes, they can. We can. We are all sinners..some saved by grace through our Lord Jesus Christ..some yet to make that decision. When God is your can spite of it all.

seeking to bloom :)

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