Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Direction for a Farmboy

   Over the years, our farm boy has had an interest in mixed martial arts and self defence. My husband (who was one of my instructions when I took classes) has worked with our children on simple defence tactics. We have visited and watched several different places teach their style but the fit just wasn't right.
   This past year, farm boy and daddy have been following from the sidelines a mixed martial art form to see if it was right for them. Many teach the new age meditations and beliefs, which would not be right for us- so careful consideration was needed.

Getting there a bit early to watch others who have been at it longer.
   After taking the time to research, plan, and prepare, the farmboys  have made the leap and started mixed martial arts classes. Before I get mail about steeping my son in violence and aggression, let me explain a few things.
   The goal of a good martial arts group is not violence and aggression, it is self control and discipline. These boys are here to receive instruction that teaches them to respect, to control, and to use as little force as possible to resolve a situation. Students must yield respect to those who have more experience that they do, must dress appropriately and respectfully, must control their actions.
Dad helps with the the belt.
    For my men, it is a passing on a part of us. My husband spent years in training with a mixed martial arts group and it has served him well over the years. I took classes during my teen years to build discipline and be able to defend myself--after all, this is a dangerous world we live in.
Look, listen, learn...because you are next!
   I look forward to this new time of growing and learning for my farmboy..it already seems a good avenue for him. His eagerness is coupled with an awesome respect for the coaches he has met and watched in demonstration and in action. I already see a confidence and self control developing in his manner...a great characteristic for any young man!
   We'll see what this endeavor holds for him...where it takes us. For now, we are enjoying his determination and his enthusiasm as he steps into a new direction.


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