Friday, January 7, 2011

Farm Focus Friday...... What's In the Winter Garden

Swiss Chard





Greens and turnips
   Here in the deep south, we have the blessing of a second growing season. Mild winters afford us the benefit of year round vegetable gardens. Right now our gardens are bursting with beautiful cole and leaf crops along with onions and garlic heads.
   With very few pests to damage them, our winter crops often thrive better than the summer and fall ones. The only real threat to our winter greens is drought, which we have been experiencing this year. Recent rains are strengthening our plants and causing an abundance of growth and glory.
   This week our family has picked four heads of cabbage, four heads of broccoli, four bunches of turnips and daily gleanings of lettuce, kale, chard and onions. With our current freezer full of venison and poultry, side dishes of our harvest and daily egg gatherings our family is eating very well.
   Our farm focus for this Friday is simple garden maintenance. Light weeding, extra mulch, and harvesting are on the to-do list for today. Thanks for joining us today....we're off to tend the veggies!



Rachel Willow'z Design said...

You are so lucky! I would love to have homegrown fresh veggies right now. I had a horrible season last year so I wasn't able to can anything.

simplychele said...

Be encouraged, we all have seasons like that..and boy, are they discouraging! Thank you, we do feel blessed to have the fresh veggies right now..keep trying. Some years are just rough, but not all of them.