Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple Snacks....Dehydrated Apple Chips

   I love apple chips; always have, but I dislike the price and the preservatives attached to the store bought ones. Over time, I learned to make my own.
   Dehydrating fruit can be done simply with no help at all. Sliced apples can be hung on a string or laid flat on a wire rack and allowed to dry in a warm, dry place. Living in southeast Texas, our humidity levels do not lend themselves well to this method of dehydrating.
   Several years ago I was blessed with a large dehydrator. My goodness, the uses you can find for one of those! Not only dehydrating fruits and vegetables, but granola, jerky, buttermilk and yogurt are wonderfully made in one. If you have the opportunity for one, they are well worth the investment.
   To make our apple chips we simply slice fresh apples in half then in thin slices (approximately an eighth an inch thick). Arrange them in a single layer on a dehydrator rack and dehydrate until desired crispiness. I like mine crunchy and very dry, so we go ten to twelve hours. For variety, the apples can be dipped in citrus juice (orange or pineapple) or dusted with cinnamon. Delicious.
   Apple chips are our favorite and most simple snack here on the home farm, but they are not the only ones. Bananas and pineapples make wonderful and tasty chips, as do carrots and sweet potatoes. Yummy and healthy!


Anonymous said...

I love apple chips! I make mine in the regular oven. My dehydrator is a very basic one and I am usually not satisfied with the results I get from it. Anyhow, I've seen recipes for Kale chips in my vegetarian magazine and one at Elana's Pantry blog. I hear lots of good reviews about them. Let me leave a link. Hope you all enjoy this rainy Sunday. ~Andrea

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thanks for the link..I have an abundance of kale right now so I should give them a try. We are sewing and resting today. Rainy days are just good resting days.