Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hadassah, Walk With Me

Hadassah Rose
   The table clears, one book at a time as the afternoon sun calls to me. With leash in hand I make my way across the drive as Hadassah lets me know--it is time. Her entire body wiggles with enthusiasm as I draw near her pen. Bounding and bouncing she bursts through the gate and obediently gives her best effort at sitting while I hook the leash to her collar; looking up at me every few seconds- oh, hurry! We have so much to see; let's go!
   With a jerk and a tug she pulls against the leash and looks back knowingly- I'm not being naughty, just ready to go. We head down the way eager to feel the sun on our faces and breathe the fresh outdoor air. Struggling to keep up with her, I gently chide her- Hadassah, walk with me- hopeful she will slow a bit. She does, but only for a moment.
   Nose to the ground and off the path, Hadassah chases a new and exciting wonder. With her sudden and firm jerk I release the leash- my hands are valuable to me, so I let her go. Again, gently I call- Hadassah, walk with me. In that moment a startling truth; a lesson pierces my heart causing my mind to whirl. My Lord has spoken gently to me- walk with me.
   Just like my dear Hadassah, I have a Master guiding my path-One who walks with me. Sometimes in my excitement or distraction, I pull at His hand eager to run and explore. He safely guides me away from the danger that seeks to lure me away- walk with me. Then with a sudden burst of desire, I break free His hand and run to unfamiliar territory- to places not meant for me; places unfamiliar and deceiving.
   At the sound of my voice, Hadassah stops and turns..she waits- it's okay, I'm just right here. Again, more firmly I beckon- Hadassah, walk with me. With love and obedience she turns and returns to me, anxiously waiting as I take her leash in my hand. As Hadassah has returned to me, in my heart I return to my Master- anxiously wait for Him to take my hand and lovingly walk with me.


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