Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Educating....Preparing for the Kinder Years Part I


Time to consider our educating options.

   The early kinder years of educating are by far my favorite (yes, this was my classroom age when I taught outside the home). Discovery and wonder flow so freely at this age of development and learning. Here is an age of vast curiosity and boundless energy eager to be guided and fostered. With every stage of our children's development and growth decisions must be made regarding their education: where and when do we start school.

  As the kinder years creep upon us we are faced with the decision of educating: public, private, home. In each of those three options we have numerous sub-sections to face. Educating is a family decision that must be made by each individual family taking into consideration that family's convictions, time and resources. For some, the decision is easy and requires very little discussion; others are faced with the task of finances and family.

  Making the education decision requires us to look at the commitment each option requires. Some points to consider:

*what is your educational goal for your children
*do both parents work
*if so, do they have to
*what finances are available
*what is your child's natural bend (social, withdrawn, special need, etc)
*has God burdened your heart in a specific direction

   Prayer is the key. Our Lord blessed you with your beautiful family, therefore, it is best to seek His direction for it. Once your heart is clear, it is time to prepare for the leap into the kinder years. If your children are going to public or private schools, schedules and supplies must be gathered. If home education is your goal, then there are  several avenues to consider as you prepare for your kinder year.

   Next week I would love to share some simple items from home and heart that will help prepare for lively and interactive kinder years


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