Monday, January 24, 2011

This Time of Change

   Breathe. Opening the door of the vehicle, I step into the busy parking lot. Hesitation; there are not familiar faces- there won't be. My pace slows are we near the entryway. I pause, second-guessing all the choices that let us here. On the steps- a complete stop; my eyes close with a breathe of prayer.
   With the gentle breeze that brushes over me my Lord sends His gracious encouragement- my weakness is known. I am with you; you are okay- the reassurance needed to step forward into this new place.

   Change- I postpone it as long as possible, yet sometimes it is forced upon me. My family and I are facing change in the form of a new church home and, needless to say, it is difficult. For the first time in well over a year my heart raced with question: how do they dress, are we too conservative for this place, do we share similar Biblical standards? How will my husband feel this first time out of the pulpit? My teens pondered the idea of other youth and different church layouts. Oh, change...

   In the end, the day was so good. A time of reassurance, rest, and refreshing; a place of shared values and convictions. Arriving home afterward discussions around the table revealed the relief and renewing felt by each of us. Now, I sit relieved- hope is going to be okay. God will guide us through a time of change.


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