Friday, February 25, 2011

Farm Focus Friday....New Babies!

   The big brooder was lined with soft covered shavings and warmed to just the right temperature. Feed pans and water containers were scrubbed clean and filled in anticipation of their arrival. Everything made ready for such an event; excitement in the air!
   One hundred cornish cross chicks were picked up from our local fairgrounds in preparation for our upcomming county fair. A 4-H project the whole family gets involved in and benefits from. Routine feedings, cleanings, clippings and culling require all hands on deck, or coop. Everything for the next six weeks revolves around the meat pen and their needs.
   All warm in their brooder chirping and pecking, the new farm babies are making themselves quite at home. Today we work to keep their brooder temperature steady in the rising Texas heat. We will all take turns watching them peek and peep, chirp and scratch..enjoying their silly antics. Fun and feathers all around..there are new babies on the farm!


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