Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simply Saturday

Daffodils in the sunshine.

   Yellow and white daffodils dance in the breeze as cardinals chirp and chatter at the feeder outside my window. In this warm, sunny Saturday morning there is so much that needs to be done and yet I linger here by the window soaking up the sights and sounds of spring.
   I am gathering my seeds and plans intending to get some much needed planting done, but so many things are calling my name. Passing the sewing table my eyes wander to the stack of pajama bottoms we cut out early this week; they need to be stitched together. This project slipped to the back burner when one of my farmgirls succumbed to the flu this week; I didn't want to run the machine while she was resting nearby.+
   Wandering to the greenhouse I spritz the seedlings and pull a few weeds; the greens are growing so rapidly here in the heat- better eat them faster! As I stir the compost bin my mind wanders over the plans for this area; peppers, carrots, beans and a few lettuces, maybe. Oh, I can't wait to plant them.
   Teens and I gather the gleanings from the stalls and coops; they will be spread over garden beds to replenish nutrients before we plant. Stopping a moment my heart marvels at how big our turkeys have grown and how small our new chicks are; what must have made God create such things? Gathering the eggs, laying fresh hay, our conversation turns to upcoming kidding and how big Willow is looking these days.
   Ah, now I pick up the seeds and head to the the rows already prepared and waiting..eager to help us grow and provide. A few remaining greens and mangles are picked; they are a bit tough so they go over the fence to eager waiting creatures..treats are wonderful! Now it's time...pull back the covering of leaves and set some seeds in the ground..and watch and wait...on this simple, simple Saturday.


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