Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Educating.....How We Spring Break

Outside...and a little slower...

   Years ago, when we started home schooling, the question always came, "What do we do with spring break?" Well, we went back to the basics...what was the purpose of spring break?
   In the early years of education, many school children were agricultural families; farming families. A break in studies was given so that children could be at home helping with planting and birthing on the farm. Studies would resume and continue on until the next break in season. With this in mind, being a small farm family, we developed our spring break education plan.
   Our studies do not cease, but slow down. This week is used to pull together loose ends, complete projects that need attention, or get those essays and reports finished. If one is struggling in a particular course, we take our morning time to focus on that subject only; getting better grounded in the material.
   With lessons taking less time in our day, the remaining time is spent planting our garden fields, caring for new babies (or mommas near due dates), and tending the many repairs that always come with our lifestyle. The greenhouse gets a good cleaning, as does the milk stall and barn nursery. Garden beds are filled with seeds and seedlings and covered with a good layer of mulch.
   Lest you think we never have any fun, let me also say we plan a few get away dates as well. In years past, we have gone camping, taken a trip to the arboretum, visited museums, and had long picnics at the state parks. This year, with working teens having schedules of their own, we are taking a few part day events: a trip to the co-op coupled with lunch out and a few antique shops, a hike at the nearby bird trail, and a movie date with friends.
   As our kids grow, educating through spring break changes with them; a few things remain the same...time together...working together..for the good of the family and the glory of God.

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