Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walk With Me Wednesday...Barnyards and Brooders

As I stroll the pasture fence, in the small loafing area I see...

Hens and roosters scratching and searching the fallen leaves. Soon the gate will open allowing them to roam the grassy fields and gather bits of bugs and greens to nourish them. Currently ending a time of molt, the hens are starting to produce in full cycle again; another abundant egg season begins.

Dear Willow rests quietly in the goat stall; happy to be alone in this space right now. Her approaching due date makes peaceful afternoon naps all the more special. In a moment she will waddle out to rest in the afternoon sun, but for now she enjoys the shade.

Genesis also is expecting a little one; her first baby. She would much rather graze the green pasture today. Here she is waiting for the little goat herder to lead her out to the grazing sight today.

Leviticus doesn't want to be left out. If Genesis goes, her brother Levi wants to go too. Such cuties; hard to pry myself away when they call for my attention.

Then there is our buck, little Typhoon. Not much for being led around, he will only move pastures if he can follow Levi. Such a funny little guy; quite shy still with us...he doesn't want to play.

Doc is always eager to roam the grassy lot or guard the hay shed. This funny donkey calls us from our work, seeking a good scratch or a tasty carrot. As keeper of the herd, he is quite protective of all the little creatures- often tattling on one who has gotten out of their place.

Hadassah just wants to run; chasing her farm boy is her favorite daytime activity. He jumps and runs as Hadassah tries to tag him with a sloppy wet kiss. This little girl is a bundle of energy and love. Our walks have been few these days with planting season upon afternoon romps with her farm boy make up for this.

Patch would rather be alone. Much older in years and living with arthritis, he likes time to himself in the afternoon sunshine. At the fence, he seeks a scratch and a pat..then he's off to find a place to himself for quite and comfort.

Noisy turkeys strut and gobble whenever they see someone passing by their pen. So big and awkward, it just makes you laugh to see them strutting around with such arrogance and air. Their calls can be heard throughout the day, bringing laughter to all who hear them.

My final stop is the brooder where little Cornish cross chicks cheep and scratch. Getting bigger every day we are nearing time for their move to the bigger pen. Keeping their feed and water pans full is quite a full time job, so every trip outdoor ends in a visit to their little home to check their needs.

Arriving at my backdoor, bread is done rising and ready for the oven. Soon the house will be filled with the delicious smells of fresh bread- drawing the farm kids in to pester me for a slice (before it's cool enough, of course). Setting the pans in the oven, I find myself grabbing an afternoon cup of coffee and heading to the sewing table. Hopefully I can get a few rows on the new quilt done before the timer calls for me. Until then, thank you for taking the time on this beautiful Wednesday to walk with me.

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