Monday, August 20, 2012

Educating....Making Study Sheets

note-booking study sheets
In the process of starting a new home school year with my teens we came across our study sheet notebooks. Realizing the value they had to each student who took the time and effort to put one together I felt led to re-post this:

   So many things to remember, so much to memorize. Having three children to home school there is a lot of material to cover in a day and even more to review. In an effort to equip my students with tools needed to keep key information at hand, we developed a study sheet plan.
   A study sheet is our simple way to keep important topical information readily available for review and reference. We did plenty of review as a group, but at the end of a lesson, in between lessons, or when waiting for assistance- they can pick up their study sheet for reference and review.
   Some subjects lend themselves to this naturally. Example, we start our day with each lesson is introduced we add the new formula or rule to our study sheet. Each subject has their own study sheet; often organized by topic...geometry formulas, division rules, etc. Grammar rules, parts of speech, writing guidelines all in place related to their subject.
   My children designed and created study sheets themselves to suit their own personalities. One is very creative and does hers in "colors" writing different categories in different color. Another used them to practice her typing and did them with graphic design. The youngest- wrote them out to aid his handwriting practice. Each stores their study sheets in their notebook, by subject, for easy access and neatness. As long as they fit the purpose without distracting- the outward appearance isn't the point, the content and usefulness is.
  To this day, my teens still create study sheets..although they have taken new forms to suit their needs. One combines her computer study course with other subjects by creating data bases that are "cue  cards" for study notes. Another uses index cards to create a flip style study system; these are stored in a binder sleeve.
   As my teens start venturing into the college arena, the study sheets of long ago have proven a good foundation for them. Seeing my youth grow and change them to fit their current needs has been a blessing and a gift.


Michelle said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I teach eight children in grades one through four at a small Christian school. I can't wait to put this into practice!

simplychele said...

Thank you, I truly hope this helps!

Michelle said...

I think it will. It solves a problem that has plagued me for nine years! (consumable textbooks that inherently don't allow looking back for reference) I can't believe I didn't think of doing this myself.

J.E. Traweek said...

God bless all four of you this semester! Happy studying!