Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding Joy

 Little Jubilee...always a sweet goof that can bring a smile to your face...

 Benny, Benny, Benny....such a sweet little boy. Cute as a button.

Joon...such a sweet girl! A beauty, and sweet as sugar. Always looking for a snuggle.

Again, the little ham.

A beautiful butterfly... 
With wings she flies and spreads her joy..
 .Beauty and grace she brings to those in need.

A hibiscus...my favorite flower. Big, breezy, lovely and open. 

When so many things are doing wrong around you....when you can't help but want to cry at all the ugly life has thrown in your face... there must be a way to find joy.
I find joy in cuddling my baby goats.
I find joy in a phonecall to a loved one, hearing them say "It'll be alright."
I find joy in the flowers, God's beauty at hand.
I find joy in comforting things: squishy pillows, a cup of warm tea, a soft blanket.
It may not be much, but there's always something we can find joy in.
 I pray that today, as you go through the roller coaster 
of yea's and nay's, that you take the time
 to find some joy...and not be overcome by the
burden of sorrow.
 Simply Jenn


J.E. Traweek said...

Thank you for those sweet words!
I find JOY just thinking about you,Jenn!

Savories of Life said...

Love the goat pictures. Can not write more as I have a fever!