Monday, April 25, 2011


Homespun quilt
   Warm woven fabric; earthy colors bring calm and contentment every time I see them. This quilt is made with patches of hunter green and cranberry homespun backed with a soft fleece. Quilting is hand finished in the ditch giving softness to this small covering.
   A gift for my mother-in-law several holidays back, this little quilt still makes its home draped over her favorite rocking chair. The earthy colors complement the lively prints of her kitchen as well as the calming flow of her living room. This quilt is simple and plain; made during my years as a classroom teacher- still finishing my degree in education.
   When I see it my heart goes back to that holiday, one of the last ones with my father-in-law. He must have known since he lavished such gifts upon her that one day astounding us all with such surprise. I recall the house I use to live in where this quilt was constructed; small starter home where most of my children were born and where many tears were shed.
   Simple homespun bringing warmth to body and soul; keeping hearts tender with the memories it holds.