Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Babies on the Farm

   After morning chores, our family settled around the table for breakfast. A distraught farm girl shared concern over this mornings milking mishaps. Seems our girls were in some strange state of irritability; causing Doc (our donkey) to exclaim concern with loud braying. Quite upset over spilled milk pails, our farm girl struggled to start her day.
   Going out to check things over, farm daddy made an interesting discovery: Willow was cleaning a fresh, new baby girl!

   Little Delilah was born first, but is the tiny one in the bunch. Her little cry is barely a whimper as she wobbles on unsteady hooves. The farm girls helped get her good and clean as the rest of us took Willow to the birthing stall for a safer, less crowded delivery.

   Not long after two little boys were born one right after the other; much darker in color than Delilah and bigger too. Solomon is the middle boy and biggest of them all with brown and black markings. Little Gideon is strong and determined, but only slightly bigger than his sister.

   Willow assisted in cleaning her little ones, but has never mothered her kids before. She 'talks' to them through the fence, but has no interest in raising them. Our day was spent teaching them to take a bottle and watching their silly attempts to walk, run and leap. By evening all were exhausted and ready for a good sleep.   
   Today we start again with regular feedings and "visits over the fence" as Genesis and Willow "talk" to the little ones. Doc is already quite protective; calling us to the barn when they cry even a little. He sniffs through the fence at them and makes funny nickering sounds.
   Time once again to warm those bottles and head to the stalls.


Mrs. Farmer said...

How exciting! Congratulations! Mr. Farmer will be so jealous - I can't wait to show him. He loves goats, but we don't have the room.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you so much! I absolutely love ours as well. If you had the room I would offer some of these babies to you as they need good homes.