Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Making of a Milkstand

As we draw near the delivery date for our milk does time has come to prepare the milking area. Scrubbing and cleaning together, simplyjen and I let our minds wander back to the making of the milk stand.
Simplyjen partnered up with her Papa (my dad) to set the task of building the stand. A sunny fall day, saw horses set in front of the big blue barn, both in overalls they started the job.
The two carpenters worked for hours measuring and cutting, fitting and piecing wood and nails. Hour after hour, the stand took shape- amazing to watch from my kitchen door. 
The day drew to a close with two satisfied workers admiring the result of their labor. Memories were made over wood and work; a special time for both of them before my parents moved away.
Today we remember that special day as we look forward to putting back in use. Each time we sit near the doe, memories flood in; memories of the making of a milk stand.

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