Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Educating.....On the Go

   In our homeschool, classes are a priority not often missed; yet, things happen. Sometimes events in our life cause us to be on the go when we should be in the books- what do we do? We do it on the go.
   On our road to educating, doctors' offices and trips to physical therapy were part of life. To prevent the curse of falling behind or getting out of habit, books and supplies travel along and are worked while we travel and while we waited. Sitting close to each other in the waiting areas, we always keep our discussions respectful and take up no more space than if we were only sitting. Busy hands and busy minds keep us from becoming bored or impatient or behaving badly.
   There have been times in our education journey when caregiving became part of our lives. During those years the books were toted along and classes were held in the kitchen of that home while we were readily available for meeting the needs of the person we were caring for. It wasn't always easy, but we managed quite well.
   Our books have traveled to the college halls, project meetings, the feed co-op run, and even the state park. The key, to me, is priority. Once you are aware of your priority adapting comes naturally. How do you handle educating on the go?

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