Monday, April 4, 2011

Simply Forgotten..and Simply Found

In the old dresser drawer folded and stored away a long lost friend was found today. Simple yet special the little quilt is- sadly forgotten for this past few years.

Boots and Bluejeans- her own special choice; they were once bandannas that now have a voice. Gently she stitched them and purposed them anew; a little pretty little lap quilt I share here with you.


So pretty is she next to the new spring tea rose; while posing it there she bent down her nose. Soft fabric kisses her cheek as the fragrance of roses bless her so sweet.

Several years ago she made this small thing; today it found sunshine instead of spring rain. Over the chair where she sat just to tat, now sits the old quilt she made just like that.

simplychele and simplyjen
"Ode to the Old Quilt"

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