Monday, May 16, 2011

Basket Full 'O Buttons

Smooth lines of embroidery on soft white; a simple basket full of buttons. Summer flowers rise from the bowl to show their beauty..a bunch of buttons. Small and pretty- just right- framed in swirls of green and cream; a little basket full of buttons.

This small "picture frame" quilt is one of two identical little quilts I made several years ago. My father had a heart attack and was in ICU for many days- needing something to keep my hands busy, this little quilt came to life. A pattern found in an old Gooseberry Patch book- slightly personalized to fit my taste. Only a short time later, my father-in-law would fall and break his hip..again needing a project small enough to carry around..another little quilt was made. 
When both of these men were once again home and working toward their recovery, a little quilt was given to them; a reminder of days to come...summer baskets, flowers, a renewing. Today one sits in my hope chest..a memory of those days; one still graces the walls of a home where that dear soul no longer resides--still a memory of days that were. 
Pretty little memories sweetly contained in a Basket Full 'O Buttons.

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