Monday, May 2, 2011

One of Many Handprint Quilts

   Little handprints..we find them everywhere..the bathroom mirror, a freshly washed window, smudged in jelly on the refrigerator door. To preserve and treasure precious handprints we dipped them in paint and put them in quilts.
   Plain muslin, acrylic paints, and additional fabrics of choice make a quilt easily treasured by family and friends. We have used the handprint theme to make quilts for missionaries, homebound church members, cancer patients, grandparents and class auction projects.

   As long as your child (or adult) can press their hand on the fabric, any age can participate in this type of quilt. Last week we made a small wall quilt with a single flower pane with my nephew who is not yet two--it was precious!
   Handprints can become several different designs. Here we have the heart design- enhanced by the outline quilting. In the past we have made flowers such as tulips and sunflowers, chickens, butterflies and bumble bees.  Designs burst forth from our own creativity.

   This particular quilt was a gift for a family member- a precious memory and unique treasure. My children loved making it - and now use the idea with children they babysit and work with. Today we are cutting the sashing for a handprint quilt (for one of our babysitting families) using the handprints as creative farm girls have such a pretty design laid out.
   Many of these quilts have been auctioned or shared over the years- unfortunately I do  not have pictures of very many. So, word to the wise, take pictures of your projects before they leave your table!

   For more creative handprint quilt ideas consider visiting:,, or


R. Neafus said...

What a sweet idea.I love seeing the little grand kiddos hand prints left behind when they leave. It's sometimes very hard to wipe them away =)

Simply Scaife Family said...

It is so much fun to look back and see how their hands have changed and grown. Makes me miss those days.