Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Then There Was Wax


   Okay, so the picture is not doing it justice- yet, I just had to share. Here on the little homestead we are striking out on a new adventure...making hard cheeses; sounds fun, right? As of right now, it is! In the wax right now are Gouda and Monterrey Jack- set in the bin to age for a few months. I know a farm boy who is going to just bust before the aging process is complete- he wants to try them now...funny guy.

   Cheese making is new to us; I can't recall anyone in my family ever making it. Our past ventures have been Queso Blanco, Panir, basic vinegar cheese, and Fromage Blanc- all quite tasty. Having soft cheeses down pat, we opted for a bigger challenge with the hard cheeses. Today I made Chevre (another soft cheese) and Colby (hard cheese) which is on the press right now. 
    Though  not the prettiest wheel of cheese, it is most precious (only because we made it ourselves!). We'll keep you posted on our progress. By the way, have you every made fresh cheese? If so, please share some information about your journey!

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