Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Focus Friday: Planning on Faith

last fall's green bean patch
   The summer's cruel heat and unyielding drought destroyed this spring's hard work. Much of our harvest burned up and dried out despite our best efforts to hydrate it. With no end in sight to the current weather trend fall garden plans have been pondered and mulled over for several weeks now.
   The answer: plan on faith. God alone knows what the weather will bring; what the next season will hold- I can only work on faith. Today I have my seed inventory in order and replenished- all my favorite varieties- as well as my garden plot plan arranged. Currently the potting mix is getting a good soaking before seeds are set in (the tomato seeds were planted a week ago and are starting to grow).
   Ideally we will set the cole crops in sets and direct seed leafy vegetables, beans, and squash. While the transplants grow, we will start amending soil with mulch, leaves, barn gleanings, and compost - turning it in and working it over. I plan to give a light watering over the bed areas to prepare the dry soil for planting (which really won't happen until late August/early September).
   As you see, it's a step of faith...little rain if any, intense heat and no end in sight. Yet, we need it; the garden is depended upon not only for nourishment, but for our emotional and physical health as well. Each seed sprouted is a gift- every row hoed is an act of obedience. So this Friday we focus our hearts and plan on faith.


Mrs. Farmer said...

We will pray for your fall gardening endeavors.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you! We need it very much:)