Monday, July 4, 2011

'Fireworks' and Fond Memories

   Due to extreme drought conditions in my region, fireworks have been completely banned; even the area shows have been cancelled. In this situation the only thing left to do is make your own (a safe version at that)!

  Rummaging through the pattern ideas my eye fell upon an old vintage style. Immediately my mind filled with images; pattern prints red white and blue- just the thing for the Independence blues!

   Why not make it a reality? Raiding the remnant bin I came across the perfect pieces; deciding to make whatever I could with what I had. Of course, each fabric has a story..would you like to hear?

   My girls were little farm girls even before we had this little homestead- and they loved to dress the part. One year, my mother made each of my girls an all western outfit; one red and one blue. Tiers of bandana print accented by bold white eyelet cascaded mid-knee where cowgirl boots were proudly displayed. Over their white western shirt, a matching vest crisply laid...pulling the outfit together, just so!

   Over the years of my girls' youngest years, blue and red bandana material has been snipped and stitched into various styles to adorn my little farm gals..our farm boy has even worn a few Sunday ties made from the same material. Today's quilt squares hold leftover pieces from their clothes- even some white that was once a dressy western shirt. This year may not have held firework shows for us, but it contained the treasures of fireworks and fond memories.


Sophia said...

This is fantastic! I've never seen that quilt pattern before, but it looks like a piecing challenge.

I especially love that you made it in true pioneer spirit - from scraps. :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you, Sophia. This is a bit of a challenge; sewing the circles will test your patience.
Isn't it amazing how our environment often drives us to unusual creativeness? I love your frugal approach to quilting- very inspiring!