Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fish Fry for the Fourth

   Our farm guys headed down to the gulf yesterday for a morning of deep sea fishing. Salty sea breeze brushed over them as the waves rocked the water beneath them. On deck men and their sons basked in the sunshine as lines were cast and reels were turned. Success came to some, but joy was felt by all.
   After a morning like this, only one thing remains: fish fry. The guys proudly cleaned their catch themselves as we girls prepared the kitchen. Bits of tasty fish were coated in seasoned flour and fried southern style in deep cast iron ware. Served up hot with sauce for dipping - no sides were necessary, just some ice cream for dessert!
   A beautiful day full of memories and fun; all hands together making every moment count as we fired up the skillet for a fish fry on the fourth.


Alida said...

I can only imagine how good that freshly caught fish tasted!!

Simply Scaife Family said...

I must admit, it was delicious!