Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New On The Table

   A treasure from an antique store trip with my girls; favored by my oldest. This weekend we put a new quilt on the table; one that will fill a hope chest for a young woman in training.

   Vintage fabrics of every color are hand pieced into diamond shapes to form large six point stars. A dozen large stars sit hand-appliqued to a foundation - which is pieced flour sacks. Such an exciting find! Yet, it is unusual....

   You see, the stars were some what placed in an orderly fashion...with a bit of error. Some of the rows over lap the one next to it a bit..and some are a bit wide spaced. Oddly enough, this was an attractive element to our oldest (the artist member of our home).  Hopelessly flawed, as we all are- she said when I pointed out the errors- makes me love it all the more.

   Her proclamation and love for the star motif sealed the plan- it would be hers. Together we layered and pinned; basted and whole afternoon. The artistic spirit in her led her away to plan and play with stars of all shapes and swirl; a quilt motif was designed and decided upon. Stars in echo and stars in fluttering sprays will fill the fabric and space of this precious treasure.
   There it sits- on the table- waiting for my hands to find it again. Maybe I will fill my favorite coffee cup and the old silver thimble to spend a few moments adding myself...maybe..

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