Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting for Life to Slow Down

   Whirling; churning- such a pace to keep. Time just seems to slip away when I'm not looking. I am waiting for life to slow down. My heart longs for time to chat with the chickens and graze with the goats; to stand in the pasture as littles play at my feet. A craving wells in me to just be.
   Too long it has been since dirt was under my nails from hours lost weeding the garden patch- to stretch tall and turn my face into the sun. Where has the time gone when sweeping the barn was my hurried activity for the day? When hoof trimming was the most pressing thing on the calendar? I long to be free to be.
   My soul aches for time to sit, kids all around, reading aloud; just one more chapter, please. Oh, for the days when living room surfaces were piled with tools lending to hours of hand work- togetherness and creativity where conversation flowed freely. Such relaxing days...taking time just to be.
   As we head in from the barn today the hurry of teen schedules urge us on: one off to college, one to a training, one to a class..and then, maybe, I'll sip some coffee while waiting for life to slow down.

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