Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to the Prairie IV

The Summer Project
   On the prairie farm there are always projects in the works- after all, there is so much to be done. My grandparents had a special project just for me. Year after year, summer after summer...when I headed back to the prairie.. 

   As the car makes it's way along the highway..the familiar farm comes into view. Seeing the grain waving in the prairie winds I look harder; there I spot the brick silo. My excitement builds; only a little further! Once our wheels start rolling over that gravel drive it is all I can do not to leap out of the car and run the rest of the way..up the little 'hill'.
   Once the flurry of welcome wears off; the aunts and uncles go their way, a dull quiet falls upon us. The moment has arrived- time to talk about 'the project'. Through the garage, out to the side of the house we walk..I can hardly wait to see what we might do this year. Arriving at the corner of the house near the old familiar black mailbox - there it sits: the wooden glider.
   Paint and brush, scrapers and sand paper all in a box waiting for me. Again? Again. My summer project: painting the wooden glider. Starting isn't the problem- I love a project; it's enduring; pressing toward the finish.
   Each afternoon, as the lull between chores winds us down, my grandmothers lead the way to the 'shade of the house' to sit. They sit- I scrape. After all, what a great way to keep out of mischief. Paint chips stick to my skin as the scraper scratches along the slender rails of the glider. Progress is slow- as I listen to the nearby chatter of my grandmothers- oh, my how ladies will talk!
   As the summer slips toward fall, my hands hurry to sand each little spot- painting must be done before my parents come to take me home. The only thing keeping me at this tiresome job is the thrill of showing off that pretty paint job (it's red again this year).
  Family gathers at the end of summer- there's a cook out planned for the afternoon; I can hardly wait to show off my surprise. When the time finally comes to reveal my masterpiece the whole family shares in my joy- and my amazement...can you believe I painted that same old glider again?

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