Friday, August 12, 2011

Consider 4H

   As summer inches toward fall and school days draw near it is time to consider 4H. Extension offices across our nation gather curriculum, resources, and volunteers in preparation for the hundreds of youth across their counties who will dip their toes in the 4H program. For parents, it is a time to consider.
   Being an agriculture and a homeschool family, 4H easily falls into our lifestyle and our schedule. Various projects compliment the daily learning and living here on the homestead farm. Livestock projects such as goats, poultry and rabbits provide education, responsibility and provision for our family and our character. The obvious flow of the cycle of life, the reality of environment, endurance with commitment, and the cost of livestock/meat production give us a greater prospective of cost effective and ethical food/land management. Horticulture studies teach us respect for our local environment, land management, food production and the challenge of submitting to the seasons.
   Agriculture is not the only avenue 4H offers. Community service, citizenship studies, fashion and nutrition projects teach our youth healthy, productive living while instilling civic responsibility in our local county. Forestry, fishing, and shooting sports teach our families about habitat, local plant and animal life, and the preservation of our natural topography.
   With all these options to choose from, the question is: have you considered 4H? 

OUR Pledge
I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking head image
heart image        my HEART to greater loyalty
         my HANDS to larger service hand image
health image and my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.   

OUR Motto
4-H clover To make the best BETTER.   

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