Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beat the Heat Treats

   Our current record-breaking weather is putting our daily temps in the triple digits; it's not nice. There is just no way to avoid the scorching heat and high humidity. As we go through the days of 'air you can wear', our family strives to beat the heat with some 'core cooling' treats.

Five Core Cooling Beat the Heat Treats:
1. Frozen fruit; plain and simple. Our top picks: berries, melons, orange/grapefruit slices and grapes.
2. Frozen beverages; concentrated drinks whirled with some ice. Our top picks: tea, lemon/lime aide, apple or grape juice, or coffee (my personal favorite).
3. Water; seriously cold water. We crush ice in the blender with just water- it sounds ridiculous, but it's amazing.
4. Veggies; cold and raw (dip if needed). Our top picks: carrot, celery, cukes, tomatoes.
5. Of course, those standard frozen treats: ice cream, sorbet, or sherbert. Not the healthiest, but, oh so good.

   There you have it. Plain and simple, tried and true beat the heat core cooling treats. What are some of your favorite things to indulge in on a hot summer day?

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