Monday, August 15, 2011

A Trip Around the World

   Many many years ago, my mother started a baby quilt with the pattern known as Trip Around the World. Unfortunately she wasn't able to finish it. When my girls were just starting to learn sewing skills, the pretty blocks for this quilt were pulled from their storage box and placed in our care.
   Gathering our new skills, my little girls and I set to complete this quilt. Soft cotton backing displays a daity floral display to bring some texture to the simple and sweet pastel ripples. Playful buttons enhance the echo quilting; each one hand stitched in place by my little girls. This was a precious family project completed together with love and memories.
   We presented this completed quilt back to my mother after she was diagnosed with lupus. Our hope was that on her down days she could wrap herself in love and comfort; a labor of love from our little hands. She has loved it every since.
   To this day the Trip Around the World quilt makes its home on the back of her couch; readily on hand for a quick snuggle. Whenever I see it, I see little farm girls gathered in the living room around the quilt frame- early stitches that taught endurance and cooperation.
   So as I share this quilt with you today- I celebrate my birthday- and reminise about a pretty little Trip Around the World.

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