Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'The Meaning of Good Health'

   'What does good health mean? We should all know the answers to this question. Not being sick and incapacitated does not necessarily signify a state of good health. Good health means that the person who possesses it has the ability to attend to daily work and play with vigor, enjoyment, and concentration. Because a lack of information or through careless living, a person may accept a standard of health far below normal. The young person who is continually tired, just manages to get by in school, and is indifferent about his social activities may appear to be a rather unpleasant individual. ......
   An interest in attaining a strong, healthy body and mind reflects maturity and good sense. It is also true that everything you do- work or play- will be more enjoyable if you are in good health.'

                                                                                          Family Meals and Hospitality -1960 edition
   Don't we wish they still taught this in school? That families still held this value?

***I came across this post from last summer...made me stop and take a look at current 'health habits' we have fallen into lately. What health habits are you taking a second look at these days?

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Anonymous said...

Sugar usage. We'd cut way back for a while and used raw sugar and honey mostly when we used sweetener but the last month or so I've noticed and increase in our sugar use. Part of it is iced tea. We don't drink soda and my husband likes tea when it's hot and he's working outside. Also my daughters have been wanting to make desserts but I've been trying to limit it to once a week.