Thursday, July 4, 2013

Simply Corn- Grillin' Style

   With the 4th and a family birthday in the weekend line, it's time for some weekend grilling. Tasty burgers and spicy-seasoned chicken are prime targets for the weekend grill, but what about the sides? Fresh ear of corn- absolute hit!

    How we do it Farmhouse Cooking Style:
       Take fresh-shucked ears of corn (enough for your family)- some foil, butter, seasoning (I used Cajun spice), and a hot grill. Place one ear of corn on an adequate size piece of foil with a dot of butter and enough seasoning to coat the ear. Wrap it up nice and tight and place it on a hot grill for about thirty minutes- turning once to cook evenly.
         ** If you like a bit of char on the corn, unwrap them after cooking and place them directly on the grill until adequately charred. Serve it nice and hot!

   I am often asked how we preserve the corn we grow- it's simple. Take a fresh ear of corn, still in the husks, and cut the tip and base to make the corn less 'sharp' on the ends. Generally, I use gallon size zip bags- five ears to one bag. Now days I use a food sealer to air-lock the corn before freezing. No blanching, shucking or par-boiling - just in the husk, as is. We have kept corn for up to a year in the deep freeze with great success.
   Another question I get- boil before grilling? No, I don't- when using the foil method. If you want to skip the foil wrapping, then go ahead and get a head start on the cooking process before giving your corn the char. Personally, I do not want to heat up the kitchen with boiling water, so, the foil first method works for me.

   Now, off to do a little house upkeep before company arrives!



Dr. Momi said...

Well now, I'm going to have to try freezing the corn with the husk on! Ours will be just starting this week.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Give it a try! I find the silks are really easy to remove when you clean them frozen- good luck!