Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simply Organized - ish

Patch says- what are you talking about? organized? you?

or·gan·ized  (ôrg-nzd)
1. Functioning within a formal structure, as in the coordination and direction of activities.
2. Affiliated in an organization, especially a union.
3. Efficient and methodical.
   Oh my goodness- that is not me! No one who has ever been to my house would consider me 'efficient and methodical' or 'functioning within a formal structure'. I am a messy- lifelong and incurable. Now that the confession is complete, here is my pattern of  organized-ish simplicity.
   First, don't overdo it. I take an area at a time a day at a time. For example, today we are tackling the stairway. Here is a place that gets backed up regularly (teens, remember- I have three). Everything is pulled off the stairway to a central location in the home (living room floor). I get three  piles going: keep it, kick it, kindness. 
   To make it to the keep it pile, the items must serve a meaningful purpose or be of extreme sentimental value; have a place to 'live' or be stored neatly. Keep it piles are sub-divided by person, to be put away immediately or it moves to the kick it pile. 
   The kick it pile heads straight to a large, black garbage bag. It leaves the house quickly, never to return. These items must be past the point of usefulness, and of no further value to anyone in the house. 
   Kindness piles are for donating. These items are outgrown, unable to find an adequate home, or we have just lost interest in. This pile is quickly boxed and taken to our local drop-off location. 
   Our family jumps into organized-ish mode twice a year- before and after school. It takes about a week and includes cabinets (and pantries), bedrooms (and closest), the study and school shelves. We try to set a weekend aside to 'go through' the outbuildings as well, once the heat settles a bit. 
   There you have it- my plain and simple plan for culling the clutter and getting 'organized'. Now, let's hear from you. What is your best method for getting it together? I can't wait to read your stories and tips!


Alida said...

your plan sounds like a good one to me!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you--it does, kinda!