Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day Interrupted

   It started out rather uneventful: books and Bibles, lessons and lunches...just another day. Some were off to the local college for classes and study groups while one stayed with me; I stitched while algebra was worked and literature was pondered.
   My husband rested after his long late shift as cooler temperatures gave the goats a frisky, noisy disposition. Those bucks were doing their best to entice the ladies into some friendly interaction... our girls were having no part in their nonsense.

Typhoon 'singing' to the girls.

   As the noon hour passed, the husband woke..the lessons were complete...we decided to sit under the shade of an oak and watch our rowdy farm boy work off some energy with ramps and bikes and ...ooh, scary stuff. I sat there on the green bench with my working man, asking him what he was going to do today...while... On his loop back from the gravel drive, our boy gave a shout... would you believe?

   A rather sickly pine tree fell to the ground with a jolt. Seems with the devastating drought conditions and recent light rain showers, the poor tree just snapped. Unfortunately for us....

   It took out the well house! Sad but true...the poor old well house that has managed to survive years of tornadoes, hurricanes, flood- washes, and other various well related catastrophes was smashed mercilessly by a lone pine tree. The stomach churning news does not stop there....

   Some of the mechanical components of the well were damaged in the crazy tree attack. So, now my dear husband knew what he was going to do today.

   Enlist some assistants and get started clearing, cleaning, and assessing the damage. The more they worked the more aggravating it seemed to be. Parts were purchased and placed in service only to have leaks in the pipes...of, course. And yet...I must say.

   Of all the things this tree could have damaged, the place it chose to attack could have been much worse. The damages are repairable, our barn and house (and all the inhabitants) are well and safe. No cars were destroyed or fences torn down.
   All in all, life goes on (with out a well pump, for now)...chores are done, a lunchbox packed, there is work and class and meals and such. This morning the day starts again; classes and quilts and chores and meals....repairs and manic goat antics...let's just hope this is not another day interrupted!


Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, so thankful no one was hurt.


Mrs. Farmer said...

When it rains it pours... we went to get in the car to go feed the animals and I had a flat tire! Thank goodness I didn't need to go to work today and the tire didn't go flat until AFTER I got the kids to the bus!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Indeed; sometimes it just goes that way, However, it's always good to put in in perspective! Thanks, ladies.