Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Join us, won't you?

   There is no denying it...they are near...wildfires. Yesterday we stayed up to date with the local news keeping track of the locations and evacuations near and around our section of the state. Our teens checked in from work to tell of intense smoke and concerned customers; yes, the panic is growing.
   We have not had rain or relief this year; only a break in the intense heat. Cooler weather brought strong winds and dry air..intensifying the dangerous fire conditions. Our hearts go out to those already affected and those in the immediate path. It is time for us to be prepared.
    Last night we contacted family members to check their plans in the case of evacuation, then making some plans of our own. Lists were made by order of importance..things desired to spare in case of disaster..things not so important as each other, yet, important none the less.
   Today we go about our routine; classes and homework, chores and meals..with concern looming on our faces and in our hearts. We keep in contact and keep in prayer; it's the only way. Do the next thing..it is all we can do.
   Join us today in prayer for those devastated, those in the path, and those who are yet to be in the path. Let's pray for the firemen, the local officials, the relief workers and the ones handing out that glass of water..that glimmer of hope. Pray for Texas and the grace of God upon her people. Join us, won't you?

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