Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tasty, Yet, Traumatic...Who Knew?

   It's funny how some things stick with you over the years; little things, really...a quirk or pet peeve. One of my little farm-kids was just full of them..still is if we are to be truthful. Though things have lightened up and even changed over the years, a morning breakfast tasty trauma has stuck with us...and makes us roll with laughter every time we recall it.

   My farm-little's have always been hearty eaters and breakfast was no exception. Sometimes I got a little bored with the routine ..eggs, toast, juice..pancake, eggs, get the idea. So to mix it up, sometimes I would take the standard fair and 'tweek' it. One one particular morning my preschool age tots were settled in their seats ready to dig right in when hysteria broke out.
   Tears and screams from one little one shook the very core of my being...what happened? Was she pinched in the chair? Smashed finger? What? It's looking at me!! My response was a blank stare and shock- what?
   So it seems, this little farm-tot is none to impressed with the great 'Toad in the Hole/Bird in the Nest/Camel's Eye" version of eggs and toast- scared her to death! The panic didn't subside until she could no longer see the 'awful thing'. Wow; who knew?
   Needless to say, I never made that particular variation of breakfast again; ever. Not until many years later did we even share the memory of this particular dramatic moment. She didn't forget (of course, neither did we:). 
   Now days, my farm-boy gets a hankering to be a brother..and makes this dish (generally when a certain farm-girl is not home) and remind us all of the bizarre tale. He loves 'toad in a hole' as he calls it..naturally, he's a farm-boy. Here is how he makes it:

Tasty Trauma (his idea..just go with it, please)
1 slice bread per person
1 egg per slice of bread

Using a cookie cutter (I use a rather large round one) cut the center out of your bread. This can be done before or after buttering both sides--you do want the center cut out buttered as well. On a nice hot, buttered griddle or skillet, place your bread slice (cut out is placed beside it on the skillet) and break your egg into the cut out center. Cook this until it looks fairly 'set' then flip it..don't forget to flip the cut out piece. Cook to your desired consistency (we like ours done, not runny). Plate your dish placing that cut out piece slightly askew over the egg portion of the meal. 

Served with fruit and milk, a complete and tasty breakfast...hopefully no trauma :)

My farm-boy serves his with a berry case you wanted to know. (smile)

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