Monday, September 19, 2011

Quilts and Crumbs: WIP

   The weather here in the deep south has calmed a bit: slightly cooler temps and a touch of rain. With the week ahead of us, let's update our work in progress.

   Here's a new quilt on the table. Fall colors mess together in an eighteen inch Dresden design to create a wreath-style wall quilt. All fabrics are re-purposed pieces or remnants from projects gone by-- best things to use!
   Cross-hatch quilting fills the space around the quilting-edged Dresden. Today my goal is to quilt a falling leaf motif along the outer boarder. Maybe have the binding complete this weekend- I can be optimistic, right? Let me dream.

   On the piecing table is a new, fun little ditty- a crumb quilt. If you never heard of a crumb're right there with me..sounds intriguing, right? A post over at Jo's Country Junction piqued my curiosity so I just had to join her invite to 'quilt along'.
   A crumb quilt is basically using all your leftover crumbs and snippets from previous projects to create a quilt. Miniature variations of traditional block patterns are paired together in nontraditional ways lending to amazing creativity and variety. So...  

   Gathering my scrap tub...I keep a plastic tub under my sewing table right next to the trash can- project scraps drop right in as I snip and stitch....sorry about the bunny trail there. Okay, gathering my scrap tub, sewing machine, lap top and just jumping in head first...I landed with a thud. My first several attempts were just disastrous.
   My teens refused to let me surrender the urge to throw things and quit, so, after many...and I mean many..attempts, these two blocks came to be. Using a variation of the Flying Geese pattern mixed with a little Crazy Quilt style and voila! the first two blocks of my crumb quilt.

   Also on the table: some additional Dresden pieces waiting to become a beautiful fall wall quilt similar to the first one listed today. As you can see, there is a lot of sewing to do here today!



Michele, a distracted quilter said...

Hi Michele,

Your geese blocks are fantastic. I especially like the one with geese going in both directions. Tomorrow is Crumb-along Tuesday and I'm already getting my sewing table ready for the next installment.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you..the flying geese facing each other is kind of my 'happy accident'. I told my husband those would have been geese from my house--only my geese would fly at each other!
Checked out your quilt today and it's so pretty--love it!