Monday, October 10, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday....WIP Updates

   A soft soothing rain fell over the parched land yesterday lending me plenty of time for a slow afternoon of sewing. Little crumb centers and a table full of cut pieces busied my hands as the sky gently replenished the soil.

   Completed crumb blocks were tested against a variety of fabrics to determine a 'joining color'. I think the soft blue looks best to me, but, one a touch darker is still in the running.

   Some crumb 'centers' were put together..the little insides to a few more blocks. Since I had a mess of tiny material bits, I decided to spend a few hours really in focus on how to use some of them. Now these need some framework or strips to complete their design.

   My budding artist and I spent some time unsupervised in a craft supply store; I purchased the final pieces for the Dresden fans. With selections made, framework was cut for the fans pieced together last week. Various hues of warm cream and brown are set to be framed with soft 'distressed' green; little nine patches with dot the frame amongst fans with striking fall colors. I'm getting excited about this one.

   Farm gals each have their projects 'on the table'- or, the lap. This bubble gal is whipping up a knit cap..just for fun. She has a filet piece going as well, but...I didn't catch her on camera with that one; she's a quick one.

   So today amongst essays and algebra I will find my way back to the messy little sewing table to whip up some more crumbs and baste a few fans while the girls make their way to and from their college classes. Maybe a gentle rain will grace our homestead again? Such soothing sounds it makes.



Eden said...

Oh yes, I like the blue background lots... The blocks really pop with the soft background. Those are such nice soft colors. I love blue and brown together. Great job. That is a cute little hat too.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you for the input- it helps to have another eye! She made the hat in a soft 'denim' color as well--it's really precious (especially with her head full of kinky, curly hair).

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I love them on the blue!