Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's on the Easel

   With college classes bogging up her mind, our resident artist has struggled to find time for charcoal and ink. The solution to this quandary was an art class (smart girl). And so, with no further delay, we present to you... what's on the easel.

      Shells. A variety of shiny, shapely sea treasures sits delicately on the table as her hands skillfully make strokes and stipples. Moment by moment ticks by while eyes scrutinize and shadows take shape with crafty skill and tedious patience.


   Other assignments brought her diligent eye to a new challenge; negative art. The idea of filling in the darkness until all that remains is the light revealing the image that was there all along but hidden from sight. A little 'out there' for our gal, it truly was a challenge.

   In the course of a day, realizations set in; assignments are not inspired..at least not by a truly artistic mind such as this. Lest she be stifled again, her hands find their way to freedom; wielding charcoal and lead. That which lies inside the mind pours forth; bits here and there take shape. Slowly at first, increasing in speed til her eye is satisfied with the results before her.

   An there the journey ends, at least until pen and paper meet again in the hands of our artistic youth. Enjoy!

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