Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Omelet-a-which-a

   The men in my life have a crazy favorite sandwich creation; they call it the 'omelet-a-which-a". Cheesy soft omelet, crisp buttery toast with a touch of mustard- it makes them run to the kitchen (funny how that works). My guys have been on my case for some time now - it's a must share, they say. So without further disobedience, I share with you..the great mystery of omelet-a-which-a. 

   Gather: two eggs, two slices of bread, mustard, shredded cheddar cheese, butter, griddle, spatula
          Before you do anything else..properly apply mustard to both slices of bread...use a knife to spread it evenly ensuring every bit of the bread has mustard and being sure the bread 'matches'- you know, the slices are facing the same way..fitting together just like they do in the loaf. My husband has rules...rules are good. Okay, now.....

   Onto a hot, lightly buttered griddle (cast iron, of course) pour two lightly beaten farm fresh eggs. Spread if around if you have to- you want an even layer of egg. When the top is 'set', use great womanly finesse and flip the omelet (if you lack such skill- as I often do- just try to unwrinkle it best you can). Place a generous handful of shredded cheddar cheese over the egg and proceed to fold the omelet into a bread slice sized square (like this):

   Don't get discouraged, it took practice to perfect such a fabulous square (just kidding). Moving on. Take one slice of the bread and place it mustard side down on top the omelet. Slather butter on the exposed side of the generous now, we want a nice crisp on that toast! Flip it. Now place the other slice of bread on their and slather some butter there too...don't mess with the butter good about makes a difference! Once you have a nice crisp on one side, flip it and get a nice crisp on the other. There you!

   Excellent hot, yet equally perfect cold..this sandwich has travel power. Once cooled, I wrap it in a paper towel (keeps it from getting mushy) and place it in a sandwich bag. Great for work, camping, hunting trips, college 'speed-out-the-door' mornings...or handy growing-teen-boy snacks. The omelet-a-which-a....great for hungry guys!!!


Treasures Evermore said...

This will make a perfect breakfast for my kids who have to be out the door for school at 7:25.

My children will thank you!


Simply Scaife Family said...

Your are so welcome! It works great for us..enjoy..and don't forget to make it your own. I'd love to hear your version!