Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Quiet Classroom

   There were days when charts and maps filled the room as did the chatter of my children. The pledge and prayers, our drills and lessons...reading aloud as a favorite as was lengthy Bible discussions. Books and paper scattered everywhere and my corner of the table was always piled with grade books and red pens. We would sprawl out on the floor for group projects or trek outdoors to scavenge the woods. Computer time was fought over and trips to the library were regular. Noisy, busy organized chaos lead our and field trips, poetry and essays..projects. The classroom was anything but quiet.

   Now days, there is only one student at my table with me. He isn't much of a talker so our days are so quiet. Books are in a tote, paper in the binder...he keeps things simple..he likes to work on his own. Reading aloud is not as much fun when you are alone, or a boy in high school..projects are not as noisy and, well, there is no fighting for computer time..or your opinion. Trips outdoors are quiet..he is a reflective type; soaks up the sounds and scents of the woods. Sure, he strikes up a discussion occasionally, but it is short. The classroom is so quiet.

   Today, he is in his spot and I in mine. Only one grade book sets before me; much less paper and a single red pen. He works his lessons as I quilt a few rows; this is how home school the quiet classroom.


ANudge said...

It sounds peaceful. And what a gorgeous quilt under that apple!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you. It is peaceful..sometimes, too peaceful. Have to admit, I occasionally miss the chaos.