Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Treasures from the Tree

   Two fallen pines call for our attention these days. On sunny afternoons, when lessons are fulfilled, we head out to the trees in attempts to clean up their fall out. Gloves and ax, chainsaw and wagon; to the field we go.

   In the midst of ordinary work there often comes an element of surprise; a hidden treasure. The tops of the fallen pines held a secret of their own.

   In the hollow at the top of the pine, tucked away hidden by the sturdy outer wood, was the empty remains of a woodpecker's nest. Layers and layers of tree had been bore through..imagine the hours of work this must have been. A diligent bird hammered and gathered to make a home and raise a family there.

   Further investigation by our farm boy led him to another discovery. In another sickly pine in our grazing pasture lives a woodpecker family..way at the top. Their hammering and calling can be heard early in the morning as chores are being done.

   The other fallen pine held several hollows up and down the tree trunk, but no signs of nests were found; no hole was deep enough to contain the large pine straw bedding bundle such as was found in the first tree. It is a treasure still; evidence of life and labor high above our own. Here is a secret link to things unseen; things we can only treasure as they are gleaned from the tree.

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