Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall is In the Air

   A chill wind blows over my face sending shivers clear down to my toes as I walk the garden path checking on the progress of each row and it's little bits of life. Green beans are perky and green right now; seems they grow another inch each time I visit them despite the fact their is fall in the air.

   My chilly fingers brush the leaves of Thi Basil sending the beautiful licorice fragrance into the cool air. Beautiful purple flowers daintily sit amongst the deep green foliage; still hanging in there after such a long summer- with fall in the air it's simply amazing!

   Despite the chill in the air butterflies still visit the blooms in the tea garden; colorful wings dancing from flower to flower in the midst of blustery fall air.

   With a chill all around and sun slipping through the multi-colored leaves there are still eggs to gather and chicks to tend, hay to toss and feed to spread...there are still long walks with the dogs and weeds to pull.
There is still so much to do even though fall is in the air.

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