Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scaife Family Values: The Little Things

   Life is in the little things; things we value dearly. In the discovery of an abandoned nest or the intricacy of a tree's leaves we find the amazing beautify of life; the creative detailed hand of our Lord. Examine the fine details of a flower's petals or an insect's wing--who can help but be amazed?
   The little things are conversations over coffee and creative handwork done together in the quiet; dinner around the table as a lantern softly lights our faces. The infections laughter of one of my girls or the impish prank of a teen boy; a tender hug shared for no apparent reason..or a little note left just for you.
   Sometimes the little things are difficult things; a cold that needs the comfort of warm soup or a broken relationship that needs a listening ear. Little moments over a tough assignment bring us to the realization we need each others' strengths to uplift us in our times of weakness. Sometimes those little things are the things we need reenforce our values; our convictions.
   Little things are a smile shared with a stranger; a friendly wave to our neighbors; a 'thank you' to the checker at the store. We never know when a simple act of kindness can change a person's day...just acknowledging their existence can be a big blessing. Little voices of encouragement here and there sprinkle our day with 'little things'.
   We value the little things...those day to day tiny tidbits that make up life; they reveal our hearts and point us to the amazing hand of our Lord.

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