Monday, November 7, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday: A Bit of a Lull

    Every once and a while I hit it; the lull. With a week full of teens and turkeys to fill my time sewing fell to the back isn't pretty. Time not found for creative expression stifles the soul.

   A cloudy afternoon offered me time to sit at the table and give some much needed attention to my crumb quilt. Soft watermark blue frames the blocks while a soothing crimped earthy brown fabric frames the quilt. This pretty ditty is now waiting for the to ponder a quilt design for it.

   The Dresden quilt is nearing the final stages of piecing. Strips are waiting for the last pair ups..then into the frame. When it comes to Dresdens I struggle with quilting them, mainly because I don't want to draw attention away from the applique work. Currently, no backing material has been chosen for this quilt..but, I have time.

   A lull is hard to get past; the cause of the lull can be external or internal. Sometimes my lull is simply the result of life happening; family and household responsibilities beg for my attention and at the end of the day...well. Then there is the mental element; just loosing 'the mood'. When my mind isn't in it the sewing is frustrating and a complete mess. Seeking inspiration from other creative minds gets me back to the does my kids reminding me to just sit down and so it!

   So, maybe the lull is over...let's stitchin' !

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