Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How We Smoothie!

   Smoothies are a family favorite, and with blood sugar issues in the house smoothies are perfect for a  healthy quick pick me up. The problem is having enough on hand for the hungry mobs. My solution: make ahead and freeze!

   In the past I have used several different containers: plastic water bottles (the narrow opening was a challenge to fill - and I don't buy water very often), zip storage bags (after a few split bags I'm cured), thermos (well, never enough on hand and they take forever to thaw). Recently a new container was found and, well, we love it. Ball plastic freezer jars.

   We have the container, a nice big blender, so let's get to the 'how-to' of it.

1 (32oz) container plain, natural yogurt
1  1/2 cup frozen fruit
2 bananas
a drizzle of honey
protein  powder, vitamin supplement, flax, cod liver oil, vanilla, cocoa powder, nuts or seeds of your choice

   In my super cool Ninja blender (I'm too cheap for the Vita-mix) place the yogurt, fruit and any add ins. Blend it till it sings! The powdered add ins often need scraped a few times..so, got to watch that. Now, ready to consume or conserve.
   This recipe fills 12 small Ball freezer jars or 5 large; sometimes I use a mix of both. The filled jars fit nicely in my freezer door for easy storage and access.

   My teens pop them in their gym bags, backpacks and vehicle cup holders. The smoothies thaw nicely and are ready to slurp when class is over (large cups take a couple hours to get slurp-able). Now the youth (and adults have a quick, healthy option when they need a snack on the go.

   Here's how we smoothie; so how do you smoothie? We'd love to hear your variations!


Jenna said...

What a great idea! I already own the jars, now I just need to try this :). Our favorite smoothie is here: http://blessedrootsblog.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/our-favorite-d…night-smoothie
I had "glucose intolerance" when I was pregnant with my 5th, and these got me through :).
Thanks for sharing!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Glad to share. Hopping over to your blog for a peek at your idea..thank you.