Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding Time to Quilt

   The promise of a fall storm halts the frenzy of fall garden clean up. With my pace slowed a bit the needle and thread call me. The old glider-style rocking chair that once rocked my babies is now the place where the frame and I meet and gently unfold stitch upon stitch along the soft layers of the quilt.
   Finding time to work can be a challenge in a busy household. Generally my hands find the needle whenever my fanny finds a seat. During our home schooling assignments, or a movie time...even when sipping a cup of afternoon coffee..those little glimpses of stillness are just enough to put a few rows in.
   With holidays upon me (and the desire to add something new to the shop) I feel an urge to work a bit more purposefully..the problem is finding the time. Sunday afternoons are my general 'quilting only' garden, no classes, no laundry...after church the needle and I are determined to make tracks. The only thing that threatens this purposeful appointment is an afternoon nap; face it, sometimes you just need one!
   Then there are days like today when a front moving in makes outdoor work unpleasant; that's when it seems just right to slip into the rocking chair for some serious productive stitchery. Sadly, our southern weather patterns lately have made these days few and far between.

   So off I go to the comfy corner of the room to sit beneath layer of handwork with supplies- and a nice cup of coffee- to spend the day with the quilt. How do you find time for handwork?

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